Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 9 - We Are All One Family !

The children got together and planned the display of their work. I conducted a short feedback session, as well as a planning meeting for the same. It was their work and hence, to make them understand the sense of responsibility and pride in the work they do, it was important for me to let them plan the same with me being around for support and guidance.
They  used the the entire space of the Kendra very well to work and dispaly.
It turned out to becoming quite a professional looking display, the kids were proud of their work and equally excited to see what happens to the rest of the day.
We had Manu Parekhji grace the occasion, and come all the way to meet the group. He shared a few of his own thoughts about art, as well as gave some on the spot drawing lessons to the children. He then went thru each participants work, keenly listening to their descriptions as well as adding his own comments.
Sudhir Kakar, Tara Trust board member, and Sulina Kakar his sister were also present for the interaction session. 
We were also visited by the children of Udayan Care, who had come in on the first day to learn origami and drawing.  They all were very thrilled and happy to see the work. 
We also had children on WinCraft Studio, a children's creative studio founded by Renuka Taneja, in New Delhi, come for the exhibition, as well as participate in an impromptu T-shirt painting exercise.
On a personal note, I'd like to thank Mr.O P Jain, for the wonderful opportunity to use Sanskriti Kendra as our space to conduct The 1000 Crane Project workshops in New Delhi. Manu Parekhji and Sudhir Kakar for being there, as well as all the other resident artists at Sanskriti Kendra at that  time.
Also, our partner organisation in New Delhi, Music Basti and Center for Equity Studies. 
The stars of the show were the 10 children from Delhi and Goa, Malik, Akshay, Asma, Shabana, Dilruba and Roni from Dil Se, and Sagar, Santosh, Kavita and Kavya of The Don Bosco School Zuari Nagar, Goa.


  1. Awesome show... Greatttttttttttttttttt!!!!!

  2. so much talent!! I hope they stay motivated and go on creating. Good job!

  3. Great stuff Juhi! Found your groove. I'm happy that your happy, and that you can make the kids happy. Wish I had it in me to be more than just a weekend warrior....


  4. What happens now? Are the paintings and sculptures now going to be sold to raise funds for the next workshop? This I feel would be good as the children that have done this beautiful work will have it admired by many and are helping other children to experience what they have had the good fortune to experience. The children on the course should be given a personal art pack to take home with them, so they can continue their good work and inspire children and adults around them at home. I think your banks and big businesses in Delhi, Hotels in Goa would love this work on their walls and the fact that it is has a blog to prove that children have done this and they by buying the art are helping the children it would be all good. All the best Juhi xxxxxxxxxx