Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day 3 - Moving Towards a 1000 T-shirts & Meeting some Role Models !

We started the mission to complete the 1000 T-shirt mark. Thank You to Levis, who have been generous to donate these to us.
We had children from SSHRISTI School, Vasant Kunj and Udayan Care come in the morning to interact and work on an activity together with the kids. 
They also met Chikako Yamamoto, a freelance journalist from Japan, who together with me, gave a presentation on Nuclear Energy and its hazards to the children, and also informed them about the current situation of the children in Fukushima, Japan.
We then came on to the lawns and painted the T-shirts. The Cranes were painted with messages of peace, love and friendship for the children in Japan. 
The afternoon was an exercise called Working With The Expert, so we had 10 artists from New Delhi and some resident artists at Sanskriti Kendra who volunteered to give their time to the children. It was an afternoon aimed at building interaction skills, putting the children into an environment which is familiar but needs to be made comfortable with a total stranger, and learning to work in collaboration with a person who can possibly be a role model for them.
It was a lovely exercise for both the expert and the child, with the biggest challenge being language, but somehow the results showed otherwise.
The collective exercise resulted in some wonderful pieces of art which have messages of peace, love and friendship. 

" This is how we want to be !
Flying high and feeling free ! "

It was a day filled with making new friends, meeting people of new cultures, and discovering new people.