Monday, 17 October 2011

Day 4 - Sunday ! Funday ! Delhi Dheko !

Our 10 little Cranes were taken for a Delhi Tour, a treat for having worked hard the first three days, and also because for the children of Goa it was important to see the city they had travelled all the way to. 
Thanks to Mrs Rajani Balasubramanium who sponsored this tour, and organised for the school bus of  SSHRISTI, a school for the slum children near Vasant Kunj to take us thru town.
We set off by making India Gate our first stop, where they were told a little bit about the great soldiers who fought for out country, and the a little history of the space around India Gate. 
We then took them across to the presidential palace or Rashtrapati Bhawan. The children of Delhi had but obviously seen these places before but now they have built a decent bonding with the Goan lot, and even though there is a little language barrier, they gave out information about the same to them.
We also used this spot to speak to them about leadership and the qualities that they can start imbibing in them if they aspire to be a leader later in life. We did have our youngest enthusiast Kavita, who very confidently said - 
" I want to be the president when I grow up ! "
Then we went to the famous Shankar's Doll Museum, as I felt that the form of a doll was a very good way of  teaching them about different countries of the world. It was wonderful to watch their expressions and hear their comments while walking thru the museum. Some of them were so fascinated by the dolls, that they used to forget that there is a glass partition between them and the dolls and bang their head trying to reach out to the dolls !
They also then identified the dolls with countries or states of India that they knew.
Post Lunch, we went to the Zoo, there was much more planned but the animals took over the children and they walked thru every nook and corner of the zoo, we had to miss out some places cause we started our walk thru around 3pm but by 5pm when they were shutting down we had seen enough but had more to see but had to stop.
The day ended with tea at Apurva Pandey's home. He is a young professional, born and brought up in Delhi. He is a great sports enthusiast and a supporter of our work at Tara Trust. The boys of our group were most happy to meet a young guy like him. Sitting in his home lawn, with his mom, we shared a couple of thoughts and insights about our experiences with them.

All in all it was a lovely Delhi Dheko ! loads of singing in the bus, and the younger lot from Goa were happy to see another part of India.


  1. wow Juhi, this looks amazing!!

  2. The more I read, the more I think that besides them, you too are learning, about your ability to share knowledge, the ability to keep a spark alive day after day and the passion you have to bring all you know into the lives of these kids! I wish you many more wonderful journeys!

  3. Dear Juhi and all the others who have come together to make this possible - Its incredible! Truly great work. Thank you from all at Aman Biradari.