Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 7 - Making Textile Masterpieces, Dancing to Hip Hop & Classical and getting a little Musical !

Having worked with paints, the understanding of colour had become pretty strong amongst the children, but, to test them translate the same thru another medium apart from paints, we worked on a fabric collage. 
A collective exercise, where the plan was to make 3 artworks, one a large collective, and the two smaller ones.
We had a alot of scrap material donated by Indigo Exports, New Delhi for this activity, which included fabrics, buttons, laces, threads, and the children were left free to use whatever they pleased.
This activity was co-ordinate by David Rossiter, a resident artist, who helped in drawing the basic outline and putting the story of the 1000 cranes together. I helped the children to create their colour pallete with the fabrics we had. Post which they were left on their own to cut and paste.
Sumaya, a life skills expert, came in during the day, to work with the kids thru colour and spontaniety exercises, helping them connect with themselves. The colours were a riot on each paper, and really spoke about each individual.
Nandini, a classical odissi dancer, who works with a lot of children around New Delhi teaching dance forms, came in for a one hour session with the participants. She was wonderful in motivating every one to get up and dance. A few enthusiasts like Malik, completely enjoyed every move!
Dhruv Visvanath, a young musician and student of Geography, came in the evening, to share his music and teach the kids a little bit about feeling the rhythm and working with instruments. It was amazing and bewildering for some to hear the sound of drums come out of the guitar.
All in all it was a day filled with activities which made the children shake a different leg and listen to some new notes.

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  1. What fun! You will have to teach me the dance moves when next we meet.I wish you all the very best with the