Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Day 6 - Paper Trees, Jumping Frogs, Loads of Drama and Music !

We took a break from painting and drawing. Anna Neizvestnova from Russia, one of the resident artists here at Sasnkriti Kendra, worked with them to develop paper sculptors. A basic tree form, just with a wrapping and crushing of paper technique.
It was an amazing experience for them cause when they began wrapping the paper on the twig they could not imagine that it would turn our looking like a white christmas. Once again, with Anna's English being a little weak, and the children's too, it was amazing how they found their artwork once again as a mode of communication.

Sohei, an illustrator from Japan working for a short while here in Delhi for a book, also conducts some workshops with Music Basti at the homes that they facilitate, came by to add to the origami skills of the children. The Jumping Frog became a toy that the kids loved and played with. 
We had Pawan Sharma return for a second session of theater, as we wanted to evaluate changes in the children from the second day, and also make them learn a collective street play. It was quite an intense workshop, with emotions running high, but at the end of the day, there was a little sense of unity that could be seen in the group.

The day ended in a musical note, by a short sing song evening with Sudev, on the tabla and Sriparna in vocals. They taught a few ragas to the kids as well, and the kids taught them their anthem which they seem quite proud of.
All in all, an activity filled day, with emotions and expressions coming out thru paper, theater and music.

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