Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The 1000 Crane Project - Mumbai

The preparation for workshop in Mumbai is nearly complete.
Today, the final invites have gone out to our supporters and well wishers in Mumbai and around.
The kids from Care n Compassion, Goa, the orphanage that we have been supporting for the last three years, are preparing for their journey on 24th evening to Mumbai, and the children from VOICE, Mumbai an NGO for street children are eagerly waiting out arrival.
The Tata Institute of Social Sciences as a venue, is going to be huge motivator for all the children participating in The 1000 Crane Workshop, as it is the foremost and one of the best social sciences institute in India. The group has never seen anything beyond their government school or other school campuses, and to be able to live and learn for a week in the beautiful and green campus of TISS, will surely encourage them to build goals for their own future.
This is the second 1000 Crane Project being held in Mumbai, the next one which is already in the plan, should either be in Ahemdabad or Pondicherry,  around May or June of this year.
I am very excited about this project. The first one was a huge motivator for the children who had participated, with stories of some kids insisting on studying further especially amongst the girls, and building aspirations of travelling the world.
I am really looking forward to the stories that are going to be created this time.

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  1. Hey Juhi...look forward to meeting and bonding with the kids at TISS. Would be a learning experience for us too. All the best and keep up the good work!