Thursday, 23 February 2012

Why Mumbai ?

I shall board the train to Mumbai in the next 5 hours for the second 1000 Crane Project, at The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).
Why Mumbai?
The first reason for me to think of Mumbai was since we started the art camps in New Delhi, the capital of our country, it only meant that if I really want to make this project into an all India camp, then I have to target the large cities first.
The second reason is because, the children we work with in Goa, have only heard about New Delhi, and Mumbai, and Bangalore, probably seen pictures of the same, but don't know when they would ever be able to travel and see these places themselves.
When, we talk about these big cities, their eyes light up, because they associate these cities to success, to progress, to prosperity, but always have some hidden feelings of it may just be a dream. So, thru The 1000 Crane Project, I want them to be able to live a little bit of their dream.

I am excited because its going to be a week long journey to discovering many new things for the children. Some of our children from Goa who are travelling will be experiencing their first Train journery of their lives !!! So, their stories for life shall start from the moment they board the train to Mumbai.
I am nervous because living in the small state of Goa, we are used to a easy, simple and quite routine, but, Mumbai is a box full of energy, movement, chaos and drama, so, I hope the energy is positive, the movement is exciting, and we don't see too much of chaos and drama. But, if there is chaos and drama, then it will be their learning towards adapting and adjusting to new environments and new people.
I am leaving a day earlier, so that, I can arrange for welcoming the children to a comfortable and organised environment. They are children and they will adjust, yes ! but, as the facilitator of this project, it is my endeavor to make them feel special, important and happy, so they are enthusiastic and eager to learn and participate in all the activities planned.

On a personal note, The 1000 Crane Project, is a huge personal achievement, as it has been a dream to me to share with children, the joys of travel and also the tremendous experience and learning one can get thru meeting new people, seeing new places, living in new environments.
Mumbai, is a special city for me, as I began my professional life here, and it also made me believe in my ideals and follow my dreams, so getting to conduct the second project in Mumbai, is great and encouraging.

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  1. Hi Juhi,
    I am delighted reading your blog. Your Mom in
    law sent me the link and i enjoyed going thru it.
    For our Christmas lunch we have friends from different communities and this year i had these cranes brought by a friend who had gone to Hiroshima for a conference on Peace. With so much happening in India, i decided to give each guest a crane as sign of love peace and unity after all as -TERRI GUILLEMETS said Brotherhood and Sisterhood have no Borders so let your project bloom and bring children from Goa, Mumbai and other states thru these workshops realise that there are people who love and encourage them for a better tomorrow, thru the 1000 Crane Project.