Friday, 24 February 2012

Sadako Sasaki & The 1000 Cranes at Cathedral & John Canon School

I reached Mumbai at 6 am, got to the TISS campus, settled down, and met with Sarita Ganesh, who has worked tirelessly here on the university campus to organize everything for us here. We went to look at the accommodation facilities as it is a priority that the children live comfortably and in a safe place.
The new TISS campus, right behind the old campus, is a more modern facility, and the girls and boys hostel shall accommodate the children respectively. The dining halls will cater to the food needs of the children, and there is a recreation room which shall be used as our classroom, meeting room, and working room.
Laura Drese, one of our German volunteers, also arrived this morning from Germany, and will be staying to assist and help me for the entire week. This is her second visit to our organization as a volunteer, and brings in new and fresh energy as well.
Post Lunch, Laura and myself travelled to the Catherdral & John Canon School, in south Mumbai. It is one of the oldest schools in Mumbai, and Geeta Simoes, our supporter from Mumbai and an alumnus of the school, invited us to share the story of Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 paper cranes with the children of this private school. She believes that our work on the awareness of nuclear hazards is something that children of every section of society need to learn about.

We shared the story of Sadako Sasaki, and the children paid attention to the little flash presentation, and then showed eager participation in painting T-shirts and making their contribution to sending messages to the children of Fukushima.

As an acknowledgement for the workshop we conducted today and in to show their support towards the Tara Trust work, the Cathedral & John Canon School has sponsored a day trip for the children from Goa and Mumbai participating in The 1000 Crane Project on the 29th of February- Wednsday.
It’s easy to change the world, if one privileged hand holds the hand of an underprivileged ! 

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