Friday, 8 June 2012

The 1000 Crane Goa Chapter begins at Holy Spirit Institute, Margao

We started the Goa workshops of The 1000 Crane Project today from Holy Spirit Institute, Margao. This is one amongst the oldest local schools in Margao City of Goa. The school mainly caters to the local middle class and lower middle class population of the area, and has a mixed group of children.
The objective of The 1000 Crane Project, is not only to conduct the art exchange camps for the underprivileged children that we work with here in Goa, and in other parts of India thru our partner organizations, but, also, to make it a program to conduct special school workshops, spreading awareness about the Environment, the Society and the Community as a whole. We also wish to complete the painting of the 1000 T-shirts for the children of Fukushima by August, so that we can aim at sending them to Japan, latest by the end of the year or beginning of 2013 ( we are still looking for a sponsor for the same)
So, we worked with a 148 students from the 8th Grade of the school. Since the school has a space constraint and we were not able to work with all of them at one time, so, we had to make the presentation at every division. We did lose a little time because of this but in the end we did get some beautiful T-shirts painted by the children.

The story of the tsunami and the what can happen if it occurs was well understood and visualized, since these are Goan children and live by the shore. So, for them to visualize what can happen at the time of a tsunami was easy. Some of them were surprised, when we told them that a tsunami wave can be as high as a 5 storey building.
We then gave them a background of what happened in Fukushima, and a brief background of what is nuclear power and hazards of the same.  Having informed them about the hazards, we also let them know why the leaders of the world think it is important to builder nuclear power plants cause everything also has a good side to it, but, it is a dangerous option for the generation of power, because even a little danger or damage in one of the power plants and we can all be harmed. Hence, we also showed them other options of generating power in a eco-friendly and safe manner.
With the story of the tsunami, and the destruction in Fukushima, we were able to also inform them about the plight of the children in Fukushima because of this disaster, and asked them to think if they wanted to swap lives with these children, the obvious answer was NO, but then we also made them realize thru the story of Sadako Sasaki and the 1000 Paper Cranes, how important it is for us to be aware of our environment and the hazards that can be caused if we don’t protect it, and that as a gesture of peace and solidarity, we would like them to paint the T-shirts for the children in Japan.

The overall interest and enthusiasm was good, we just fell short of time, since the last batch was able to assemble only close to the school closing time, and so, we got some really FAST CRANE T-SHIRTS with the exact message across, but, done in a jiffy.

Sophie and Nancy, were as usual with me to assist at the workshop. We also had Nishi Das , a high school teacher in Cuttack, Orissa, and a friend, who helped us manage the group. Simon Pratap, a student of Peace Studies in Austria, and also the son of Neel & Birgit Pratap, the founders of the Naveen Nursery & Primary Schoo, Benaras, where I was in April, also joined us to help us with the workshop.
To conduct the T-shirt painting drive of the  1000 Crane Project in the local schools of Goa, has been a plan since we began the program in June last year,  and we are all very happy that we have finally begun, as we want as many children of Goa, to benefit from this program the most, and be able to contribute their wishes to the children of Fukushima, Japan, and become more aware of the environment they live in and work towards conserving this beautiful state of Goa.


  1. good work ma' are blessed enough to have you over there with them..:)

  2. Fantastic Juhi and the children.

  3. Keep up the great work Juhi and team! Best wishes from Australia

  4. Great work, its a very nice project. Its a learning experience for these kinds and also it brings cultures together.. we all have to help each other in this world. Japanese people will be so touched by it. God bless you for the great work you are doing. Love from Italy.

  5. Super work Juhi, Sophie and Nancy. Look forward to seeing the workshop in action in curtorim!! Cheers! Beni