Thursday, 21 June 2012

A 1000 Messages from Cambridge High School

We conducted The 1000 Crane Workshop at The Cambridge High School, in Varca, South Goa. 

This is a school set in the middle of the Varca village, and so, we had a good group of the village children, who live much closer to the coast and some also come from families of fishing community, hence, knowing about the tsunami and the destruction it caused in Japan, was something that they understood and related to as well.

We worked with 62 children from class 5, 6 and 7. The school is fairly new, and hence has only one division for each grade, and encourages the children from around the area to study there, so the numbers are not very large.

Midway, our presentation, there was a power cut, and hence, we could not show them the entire presentation on the nuclear power or the film of Sadako Sasaki, but, with the help of the examples of previously painted T-shirts, we were able to tell them the story, and inspire them to paint their own T-shirts.

All of them made it a point to write a message for the children in Japan, apart from painting their own cranes on it, and more than the tsunami, the story of the disaster caused by the damage in the Fukushima power plant, is what touched their heart, and a number of them wrote slogans to stop nuclear power and stop war and destruction.

A number of them also wrote messages of peace and hope, and love for the children in Japan.

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