Wednesday, 28 January 2015

till you don't make a start, how will you know where to go????

“If we have come together then we need to learn from each other”
Today was the last class of the dance workshop by Ms.Priya Murli, so the girls worked on understanding the dance completely, revised their mudras and stances, and then had an interaction session of what they learnt out of the entire workshop.

Since from day one, she had been emphasising on posture, stance, body language, these were points that the girls brought out about their learning.
Miss.Preethi Ramprasad, is a student of Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy. Preethi Akka (sister) has been a great inspiration for the girls, as she has mingled with the girls, been a teacher and friend. Preethi is a committed artiste, who was born and brought up in USA but has now spent 3 years in India and is a part of Teach for America Programme. It’s her ambition to study at Harvard, and work on developing the area of arts for education.

Preethi took the morning session.  The girls enjoy her company as well since she not only teaches them but becomes one of them during the workshops. Preethi’s expressions, stance and posture encourage the girls further to better themselves.
Prior to the dance workshop in the morning, we all assembled at the terrace of the hostel to learn some natural dyeing. We had been sponsored white basic fabric from a friend for the girls to do some printing on it but since white would be too dull, we decided that it should get a little colour. 

The most easily available natural dye is haldi or turmeric. Making two dye-baths, the girls were given options of either dyeing their fabrics completely yellow or working on a resist dyeing technique. They enjoyed the process and were amazed at the results.
Post lunch we got the dyed fabric, and began painting the motifs from our paper inspirations on to the fabric. This piece of fabric will act as the angavastram which is a part of the costume for their dance. It was important then for them to know how the same shall be draped by them all for a performance because based on the way the drape would be they would have to figure out the placement of the motif before painting their fabrics.

An interesting exercise, as once again the girls had to focus on their piece of work, try to make it as precise as possible to look like a print especially because it had to now become a part of their costume.
One of things that all the girls have been eager for was a visit to the beach. Even though both groups are living in beach towns, there has been a demand for the beach for the past 3 days and we have been putting it off as it should be a trip earned. But, today, even our hearts melted to their demands. What a burst of energy and enthusiasm! But the sad part is that most of the beach stretch is so dirty and there is a lingering foul smell that almost wants you to run as far away from the ocean as possible. But the girls had a blast.
Somehow they are also feeling that the camp days are getting over so we suddenly see a greater interest to finish the work started. So post dinner all were back in the studio completing their fabrics.
There may be loads of disconnect, dissimilarity, language barriers, unfamiliarity when a camp of this sort starts off but as we start winding up its amazing how the children start slowly warming up to each other.

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