Monday, 7 October 2013

Day 3 : Acting .. Enacting .. Creating

The third day started with the cleaning of our Hall where all our workshops are taking place. As mentioned in the last post, we made a quiz with all the pairs, about knowing each other. The 2 teams who have made the most mistakes had to clean the Hall.

After breakfast and another 3 rounds of our new favorite game “Giants, Magicians and Princesses” , we welcomed Kaveri for a ceramic workshop. 

First she taught us basics about clay and its different types. Especially Sonu who prepared himself with a breakfast of 8 wadas, asked a endless number of questions. But also all the other kids were listening very interested. It was great to see how engrossed and interested they were in the activity.

 After a theoretical introduction by Kaveri it was time to try things out. We started with simple pots, we continued with making stamps on the topic of water- in the end everybody went out to find different textures to get an imprint of the same on the clay. Even after 4 hours of “hard work”, the children didn’t want the workshop to stop.

But it was time for lunch and what happened there was amazing: After our introduction of water and water conservation yesterday our kids went out to check water taps all over the place. When they met the manager of Dakshin Chitra they informed him that they found 5 leaking taps and requested him to repair the same.

After lunch and a proper nap, we welcomed Hans for a theater workshop. Hans was directly connected with all the kids. His choice of warm-up games was brilliant and so he definitely convinced them with his humor. 

After the first fun part he divided the children into 2 groups with the task to create a full play. With his method he taught them the basics of playing theater. They started each play as statues, followed by using 1 word, then 1 sentence and so on. 

After 2,5 hours both plays were ready to be shown. We again realized that theater exercises are a brilliant way to make the children feel comfortable with each other and also with speaking in front of a group- its always a kickstarter for the camp.

The final workshop on the third day was conducted by Kaustav of the Inklink collective unschool. They organized a fantastic mask- making workshop. Everybody could become whatever he or she always wanted to be. 

Our activity hall changed promptly to a fantasy world inhabited by princesses, superheros, butterflies, fairies, a blue moon, flowers and pigs. After we all enjoyed the freedom and magic of this fantasy world, Kaustav divided the kids into groups with the task to create a short story in their new identities. The outcome was brilliant and the creativity of the kids is unbelievable.
The day ended with a tasty dinner. Not even 15 minutes after we reached the hostel- we can´t hear any voice on the corridor. It was a long but completely fun day!


  1. You are making this World a better place and you deserve all the praise that can be possibilly conveyed. Keep it up, your actions will leave an ever lasting positive mark on them and improve their lives. For sure this is remarkable.

  2. We had so much fun with the kids, too! fantastic project! Thanx, Tara Trust!