Thursday, 18 July 2013

Discovering the city of Chennai...a beach town like Goa but a metro like Mumbai

The 4th 1000 Crane Project is in its planning stages and if all goes as per plan, we shall be taking our children to Chennai.

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Chennai is one of the oldest cities of India, it is also counted amongst the five metros of India.
Chennai as most of us know is also referred to as Madras, and typically for most of North India, anyone living beyond Maharashtra is a Madrasi.
Chennai as a city is a flourishing port as well as is now a huge industrial hub for automobile and the IT industry, as well as a garment manufacturing hub.
Chennai also has a huge migrant population from Punjab who have now lived there for atleast 3 generations and make up the business community of the city.

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Chennai also has a huge history of culture especially in the music and theater. Kollywood, the film industry of Chennai is a famous and flourishing entertainment industry of South India.

The thought behind taking the 1000 Crane Project to Chennai is for the children to see cities that they have heard of but do not know much also because though Chennai is a metro of India, it is not that famous amongst youngsters as a city they would prefer to work or live in, as it does not offer the glamour like Delhi or Mumbai. We want the children to be able to know more about the different cities of India and the immense possibilities that our enormous country has to offer.
The camp should take place between end September and beginning of October in Chennai. We have not yet identified the group of children who will travel to Chennai, but they will come from the Government Primary School of Colva, in South Goa.
The agenda will be similar to our other camps, with Water once again being the binding theme for the camp.

At this point, we are seeking out help from institutions, artists, art groups, corporate, interested individuals to support this camp. We already have National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Chennai who have technically agreed to host the camp at the institute, but, they are pressed for residential space on campus, so we are working this out but we are definitely going to Chennai.

Please keep following this blog for updates, and any feedback, information that you can impart in this direction will be very helpful.


  1. Its my place...Chennai ..... welcome you all :)Wish to see you Juhi !!!