Sunday, 21 April 2013

INFY-ormation Day !!!

Today was a day in the life of ALICE IN WONDERLAND...Since, we are in Bangalore, it only made sense that the children get exposure to the IT industry that makes what Bangalore is today...It is not all good because most of us old Bangaloreans would prefer it to be still known as “the garden city” but progress and change and growth is required and so now Bangalore is the IT Capital of India.

This was probably the only Infosys sign we could take a photo of as there is not too much branding around, and we were not allowed to click photos inside any building that we visited.

The famous INFOSYS campus or INFY CITY is right opposite the gates of IIITB, so it only made sense for us to take the children for a tour to this city within a city.  The children and we volunteers alike were just stunned and in awe of its opulence and grandeur. The facilities and the infrastructure makes you think you are in the most developed country of this world !

The Security Gate - you have to have a very very good reason to want to enter this property else you are not allowed in, so the children were very important personalities coming today.

Meghraj explaining the plan for the tour to us

Walking through a landscaped property with water fountains, ponds and fish in the pond as well. 

The excited group on their cart ready to roll through the campus 

Meghraj with the kids walking to one of the many entertainment zones for the employees of Infosys

The Pyramid - it is the symbol of pride and simplicity of the campus

The Washing Machine - at the backdrop is a building when built was to represent a plane but looks more like a washing machine.

driving through the massive, impressive and highly modern buildings of the Infosys campus

The children had a blast. They were amazed by the architecture and most excited about the golf cart ride they had during the tour.
They also attended an “interesting” presentation on DREAMS by an employee of Infosys. Our ain escorts for the morning were Meghraj and Sairam, who were very hospitable and very friendly with the kids. We had time constraints else we were sure to have been allowed to spend more time on the campus.
But, just visiting this space which is the headquarters of one of the largest IT companies in the world was a DREAM come true anyway.
We continued with the YES program in the morning – today’s lesson was mainly to teach the children to have their own personality and be responsible for their own actions. This was taught using a very fun dancing exercise which the children thoroughly loved because it was all on their favourite Bollywood and Tollywood songs.

Sanchita dancing along with the kids who really went all out to shake a leg not knowing there was a lesson to be learnt.

Kiran moving along with the boys to encourage them to move and shake.

Shabari and Maitri came in for their last session, which was actually planned for 4 hours, but they cut it short as we got delayed returning from Infosys and they had time constraints. But, once again it was an energetic way to spend the afternoon because this is the time when lethargy sets in the most.

moving with a purpose

its all about expressing the emotion 

with easy exercises Shabari & Maitri were able to instill a consciousness towards Water & its importance

The story of the 1000 Boats began today !

Sophie's recycled boat - Tara Trust sailing all the way 

After an action packed 4 days with the children going through experiences which are new to them but also getting to understand that they are not only here at IIITB to have fun and games, but to learn something and stand for a purpose, which is to Conserve, Protect and Preserve Water.

Darshan working with all his tools to built his SUPER boat !

Kumar was very proud of his pirate boat !

The National Boat of Wheels by Ramzan

The Fairy Boat by Deepa

Jyoti happy with her green boat !

Mahesh needs shelter in water, so a House Boat

For Aruna, her aim was to build a GOOD Boat.

The first of 17 boats were made today, even Sophie, Lina and Abhishegh made their own boats.
So, 17 down....983 more to go..........

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