Thursday, 4 October 2012

It's the final Countdown

We are within sight of the finish line…We move on to the next phase of the 1000 crane project… We start documenting the t-shirts painted and getting them ready for shipment.

We conducted the Last and final painting t-shirt 1000 Crane Workshop at St. Pius X Convent High School, Orlim, South Goa. 

This is a great school catering to the needs to the children of Orlim and the neighboring villages, and we had a lovely bright group of youngsters who knew about the tsunami and the destruction it caused in Japan, they understood the concepts and it was a very interactive session..It was a fun session..

We worked with 84 children from class 7. The school is absolutely beautiful…The property on which the school stands was donated a Goan family who migrated to Portugal…The Presentation Nuns who run the institution have still maintained the original ancestral Portuguese house and run their primary section from there.

Nancy, Bea, Kirsten and Soraiya our volunteers conducted the programme in two separate batches…They were able to inspire them to paint their own T-shirts. Bea and Kirsten our new volunteers had a lovely time interacting with the children…

All of them made it a point to write a message for the children in Japan, apart from painting their own beautiful cranes on it, and a lot of them displayed their love for Goa and the environment of Goa through their t-shirts.

A number of them also wrote messages of peace and hope, and love for the children in Japan.

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